How to write my personal statement? – is an mportant question for every applicant

Sometimes when applying for a job, among other documents, a motivation letter is required. More often than not, applicants do not always understand what a motivation letter is and how to write it. As a result, motivation letters are drawn up incorrectly, or the resume is sent without any escort.

What for are these motivational letters needed, how correctly to compose them?

A motivation letter is an attachment to a traditional resume, where you freely describe what would be inappropriate to designate in a “hard” resume format.

In the west, the practice of writing motivation letters is very common, in our country employers are differently related to this phenomenon. Most often a motivation letter is required when seeking a position in the Russian representative offices of international companies, large Russian holdings. (It should be remembered that the motivation letters that are submitted together with other documents upon admission to foreign educational institutions are made somewhat differently.)

The advantage of the motivation letter is that it can characterize the applicant better than all the other documents provided to them. Therefore, when formulating a letter, be very responsive to the information you provide.

Rules that should be followed while writing my personal statement

Specialists engaged in professional counseling, recommend to follow a number of rules that will allow you to prepare the document properly.

1. What should include a properly composed motivation letter? First of all, the motivation letter should be personal, that is, addressed to a specific person (HR manager, department head, etc.). At the beginning of the letter you need to say hello and write why you are applying to this company. For example, refer to a vacancy posted on such or such a site, or indicate what you heard about the program for the admission of young professionals to this firm.

Motivation letter should not exceed by volume one sheet of A4 size. It is very important to correctly indicate in the column “addressee” the name of the company, position, as the sloppiness or inattention of the applicant can turn against him. Also, errors or misprints should be avoided: personnel recruiting personnel are extremely sensitive to such shortcomings.

2. At the top of the letter, please indicate the position you are applying for. Provide information on education, professional experience. And most importantly, you need to justify why you think this place is right for you. For example: “The experience of presenting the product, gathering information about the client and communication skills with managers of all levels, allowed me to achieve high results. Having carefully studied the terms of reference and the requirements for your position, I assume that my experience and skills will allow you to achieve high results of your company, and I continue to grow in professional and financial plans. “

Demonstrate to the employer that you are familiar with the specifics of the company’s activities, and what benefit you will bring. A motivational letter always produces a good impression, in which the recruiter can immediately find all the information that interests him, which will allow him to save time on turning over your documents in search of a specialty, an average score in a certificate and other information.

Recommendations for those who write personal statement

1. Avoid template characteristics when describing yourself (goal-oriented, stress-resistant, responsible). For the employer, this is an indication that you have not bothered to single out really your unique qualities. In addition, instead of “evaluating” yourself, it is better to describe specific achievements and achievements, which you achieved at the previous place of work. In the absence of work experience, the emphasis should be on the knowledge and skills that you received during the practice: what tasks faced you, how you coped with them, what you learned. Thus, in a motivational letter, the emphasis is not so much on experience and skills (which so far is not enough for the applicant), but for motivation.

2. It is extremely important to competently discuss the issue of wages, of course, the employer would like to hear from you a specific amount, this means that you are well versed in the matter and know your value in the labor market.

So, the basic requirements for the resume and the letter of motivation are brevity, clarity and consistency of presentation. All information about you will be checked many more times – at the interview, in the process of work, etc. Therefore it is important not only to be able to make a resume and a motivation letter, but also to work productively.