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The main task of the plan is to structure the future work, which should appear in advance in the points of the plan and thus prepare the reader for the correct perception. This will not be difficult for the author, who, when he starts writing the essay, imagines what and how he will write. But the strategy and the sequence of actions will not prevent in any case. Therefore, starting work on the plan of the essay, try to build it according to this algorithm:

Clearly define and formulate the theme, because it is from it paper writer will build on its writing.

To make the first step in compiling a composition will help understanding its purpose. After you yourself answer the question, what goals the composition pursues, its plan will crystallize. For example, it can be an analysis of the main idea of the work, a comparison of two opposing theses, proof of the idea of a literary work, a discussion of philosophical problems, or simply the presentation of certain events. One way or another, you must understand the direction of the topic of writing: from what it arises, how it develops and what the reader should lead to (and, of course, you as the author).

It’s better (and simpler) to use these as headings of paragraphs and sub-paragraphs in the preparation of the plan.

Don’t overload the plan with points, use only those that are really meaningful and do not repeat neighboring parts. Otherwiseitwillbemoredifficultforyoutodistinguishthemfromeachotherandorientyourselfinthedevelopmentof the plot, and the evaluation for the work can be reduced. Remember that when you compose a plan for writing, the golden rule is: better is less, but better.

Сreating a plan, you are already laying out the structure of the future work – don’t forget about it, so that you don’t complicate your task later with too complicated (or vice versa simplified) and / or obscure plan. Be guided first of all by your own understanding: if the plan seems accessible to you, then most probably, the content of the text of the essay will not be difficult for him.

If you do not know where to start the composition and its plan, ask yourself a simple question: what will you talk about with the reader? The answer, in fact, can contain the idea of the whole work. Its laconic formulation can be an excellent text headline, more detailed – the first point of the plan, and reformulated in another perspective – the final part (conclusions).

Sometimes when applying for a job, among other documents, a motivation letter is required. More often than not, applicants do not always understand what a motivation letter is and how to write it. As a result, motivation letters are drawn up incorrectly, or the resume is sent without any escort.

What for are these motivational letters needed, how correctly to compose them?

A motivation letter is an attachment to a traditional resume, where you freely describe what would be inappropriate to designate in a “hard” resume format.

In the west, the practice of writing motivation letters is very common, in our country employers are differently related to this phenomenon. Most often a motivation letter is required when seeking a position in the Russian representative offices of international companies, large Russian holdings. (It should be remembered that the motivation letters that are submitted together with other documents upon admission to foreign educational institutions are made somewhat differently.)

The advantage of the motivation letter is that it can characterize the applicant better than all the other documents provided to them. Therefore, when formulating a letter, be very responsive to the information you provide.

Rules that should be followed while writing my personal statement

Specialists engaged in professional counseling, recommend to follow a number of rules that will allow you to prepare the document properly.

1. What should include a properly composed motivation letter? First of all, the motivation letter should be personal, that is, addressed to a specific person (HR manager, department head, etc.). At the beginning of the letter you need to say hello and write why you are applying to this company. For example, refer to a vacancy posted on such or such a site, or indicate what you heard about the program for the admission of young professionals to this firm.

Motivation letter should not exceed by volume one sheet of A4 size. It is very important to correctly indicate in the column “addressee” the name of the company, position, as the sloppiness or inattention of the applicant can turn against him. Also, errors or misprints should be avoided: personnel recruiting personnel are extremely sensitive to such shortcomings.

2. At the top of the letter, please indicate the position you are applying for. Provide information on education, professional experience. And most importantly, you need to justify why you think this place is right for you. For example: “The experience of presenting the product, gathering information about the client and communication skills with managers of all levels, allowed me to achieve high results. Having carefully studied the terms of reference and the requirements for your position, I assume that my experience and skills will allow you to achieve high results of your company, and I continue to grow in professional and financial plans. “

Demonstrate to the employer that you are familiar with the specifics of the company’s activities, and what benefit you will bring. A motivational letter always produces a good impression, in which the recruiter can immediately find all the information that interests him, which will allow him to save time on turning over your documents in search of a specialty, an average score in a certificate and other information.

Recommendations for those who write personal statement

1. Avoid template characteristics when describing yourself (goal-oriented, stress-resistant, responsible). For the employer, this is an indication that you have not bothered to single out really your unique qualities. In addition, instead of “evaluating” yourself, it is better to describe specific achievements and achievements, which you achieved at the previous place of work. In the absence of work experience, the emphasis should be on the knowledge and skills that you received during the practice: what tasks faced you, how you coped with them, what you learned. Thus, in a motivational letter, the emphasis is not so much on experience and skills (which so far is not enough for the applicant), but for motivation.

2. It is extremely important to competently discuss the issue of wages, of course, the employer would like to hear from you a specific amount, this means that you are well versed in the matter and know your value in the labor market.

So, the basic requirements for the resume and the letter of motivation are brevity, clarity and consistency of presentation. All information about you will be checked many more times – at the interview, in the process of work, etc. Therefore it is important not only to be able to make a resume and a motivation letter, but also to work productively.

Diploma is the most important work for a student. According to the diploma the department evaluates not only paper writer, but also yourself and your teachers. In the course of defense of the thesis the teachers often continue the unceasing scientific dispute, sometimes asking tricky questions. In the process of defense of the thesis, the scientific value of your work and the real relation of the department to you are clarified.

Theoretically, the diploma is written in the last year, which for this is maximally unloaded, and the last semester is generally released from school.

Diploma work is in the academic hierarchy a step below the thesis and inferior to it in volume, but its real scientific value is much higher. The fact is that objectively, the diploma student has a much greater responsibility, since his work will certainly be read from cover to cover. An opponent and a reviewer will act on the defense, and as a rule, one of them (and even both) is a young and zealous graduate student who is interested in this topic (that is why he was appointed) and who aspires during the defense to “smash” the opposite point view.

Many years of experience show that the average scientific level of diploma works is, as a rule, higher than the average scientific level of dissertations.

The diploma is made in five copies: for the scientific adviser, for the opponent, for the reviewer, for himself and for the department (faculty). While there is protection, the specimens lie on the table, and the docents curiously glance at them: what did this young man write interesting? Curiosity is quite sincere. One copy will be sent to the archives of the department. There were cases when in serious works they referred to the diploma works of students.

Defense is the main test to which a diploma is subjected. Training for the student was to protect the coursework in previous courses. To defend the thesis work, an opponent is appointed (a teacher or a graduate student who passed the candidate’s minimum in the specialty), a reviewer (graduate student). Their names you will know in advance. If you are not notified, do not be lazy and find out for yourself – it will be useful. Opponents should receive the text of the diploma for review at least a week before the defense.

In order to write paper writer own diploma project, you need to clearly understand what it is.

Diploma work is the final qualifying work of a research character, performed by a student at the end of an educational institution. Diploma work consolidates and expands practical knowledge, develops skills of independent scientific work, evaluates the creative potential of the student.

The diploma contains:

  • title page;
  • content;
  • introduction;
  • the main (theoretical) part;
  • practical part;
  • conclusion;
  • bibliography;
  • application.

Subjects of theses are also approved at the corresponding department of the university. From year to year, they change slightly. Sometimes a student can offer his topic of the diploma, with the rationale for its development. Follows the writing of the diploma (checks it for correctness and timeliness). The head of the diploma project is a teacher of a specific discipline on the chosen subject.

Diploma is carried out under the supervision of a scientific leader, who is obliged:

  • to compile and issue an assignment for a diploma project (work);
  • to assist the student in the development of a calendar schedule for the entire period of the degree work;
  • recommend the student the necessary basic literature, reference and archival materials, model projects and other sources on the subject of the thesis;
  • conduct systematic discussions, give consultations, monitor calculated and experimental results;
  • to monitor the progress of the work and be responsible for its implementation up to the defense;
  • make a review of the graduation project (work).

The supervisor helps the student to create a calendar work schedule that contributes to the rational allocation of time allocated for the selection of literature and its study, familiarization with other sources, work experience, the organization and carrying out of experimental work, analysis and data processing, drawing conclusions, conclusions, applications, literary and technical design of the thesis, preparing it for defense.

Let’s write the essay correctly. Algorithm

Do you want to write an essay perfectly? Follow the algorithm and remember the main features of the genre. Express thoughts freely, but it is accessible and competently, try to arouse reader interest, express your opinion in a bright author’s style.

Carefully read the topic. Allocate sufficient time for reflection. To open the topic completely is not necessary: stop on the aspect that is most interesting to paper writer.

Try to find curious moments, consider the topic in a new, original way.

Before creating a draft version, you should already have the material that you prepared in the process of reflection: your suggestions, notes, individual words and bright details.

Write the main part. It is desirable to create a plan in advance consisting of several items, since it is much easier to write text on semantic parts. Develop the basic idea of each section. You can convince the reader, give facts and arguments, but do not turn the text into a detailed study. In the essay on literature, you need to maximally competently and clearly reveal your own opinion, and not provide an objective analysis of the problem.

Draw attention of the reader: use unexpected logical turns, make unpredictable conclusions, apply non-standard semantic connections.

Express your thoughts in a bright and imaginative style, demonstrate the richness of the language. Pass your personal perception: use artistic means and techniques:

  • comparison;
  • metaphors;
  • epithets;
  • analogies;
  • allegories;
  • symbols;
  • associations;
  • examples, facts from personal experience;
  • paral
  • lels and paradoxes.

Create vivid descriptions, apply quotes and references to works of literature. Share your own experience. Let the readers follow the logic construction of the text, avoid the form of the report or the strict structure of the text.

Your essay should be free: express your thoughts in your own style. Try to achieve imagery, make the author’s features not only in the content, but also in the form of its expression.

Write freely, but seriously. Do not use slang, a lot of template phrases, watch for the competent construction of proposals.

How to write a meaningful and competent report? A few recommendations

When you receive the assignment, you should study the main recommendations, then correctly write a report that is interesting and competent.

For starters, it’s important to remember that a report is not just a mix of different information on a given topic in one text. paper writer need to study the sources, to understand the problem, consider carefully, and only then proceed to the separation of the fragments of material that you will use in the report. Even if you already have some knowledge and are guided in the topic, try not to spare time for consideration of different sources. You probably will discover something new and interesting. The longer you work on preparing for a text, the faster and better you will write the report itself.

The main rule, which will always help you to study and work: do not bring other people’s texts literally, do not use the work of others, even without making its own efforts. This does not mean that your report should be absolutely original or unique one hundred percent. Much depends on the specifics of the topic, the problem, your abilities and the requirements of the teachers. It is important that you are not just copied someone else’s text that has already been placed on the Internet or included in one of the collections available on the market and put into operation their work, themselves have studied the subject, have expressed a personal opinion. In the future, you will be useful to all skills and knowledge acquired in the process of writing the report: you will learn how to define the scope of the main issues on the topic, to find sources of information, highlight the text importantly, clearly and competently express their thoughts and accurately retell someone else’s material without distorting the facts, well present their work. Such work perfectly develops logical thinking, trains memory.

Carefullyfollowthepresentationofthematerialinyourreport, literacy, logical structure. Trynottomoveawayfromtheindicatedquestions, do not make large deviations, write everything consistently and clearly. Followthepre-planned plan. Do not rush, exclude all distractions. Use drafts, because once a clean version to write very difficult – as the result you will waste time.